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Assurant Colorado Health Insurance Review

With all the discussion of health insurance reform many people are wondering how good their insurance really is or if they need health insurance at all. If you have children and live in the Colorado Rockies, you know that health insurance is a necessity. My family is covered under an Assurant Colorado plan called CoreMed that we pay for on our own. Despite what many people think, health insurance coverage for even young families is not cheap. This is the lowest priced Assurant plan available that has copays and a $3500 deductible and we pay almost $300 per month. Overall this plan provides excellent coverage for my children.

We live in Denver and our plan is issued through Time Insurance company which is the underwriter for Assurant. I used to have Cigna and my network seems exactly the same as Cigna. The major drawbacks of this plan is that it only covers PPO physicians, hospitals, labs and facilities and the pharmacy benefits are not very good if a generic is not available. The greatest asset of this plan is that there is no deductible, including lab work, on preventive coverage, after you meet the waiting period.

This CoreMed plan requires a co-pay of $35 for each general physician office visit and $35 for each specialist visit. Well-child check-ups do not require a co-pay. The cost of inpatient surgery is reasonable - my youngest son recently had an outpatient surgery and our out-of-pocket copay expense was $250 to the surgical clinic. On my plan if a medication is available in generic the co-pay is only $10 for up to a 30 day supply. The co-pay for brand name medications is $35 or $65 for up to a 30 day supply depending on which tier they are placed on. There is no mail order medication program available, but a 90 supply can be purchased at the retail pharmacy for the equivalent of three 30 day co-pays.

I don’t have any vision insurance on this plan which is a bummer. This creates a major medical expense for my family as my oldest child wears glasses. Due to his prescription we paid almost $500 for his exam and glasses last year. The Assurant plan we have does have limited dental coverage. Two dental cleanings are covered almost in full each year. Limited coverage is available for other work, but as we have never had to use it I am not sure what it pays for.

If you need a service and the plan does not have a ppo provider in your area you can ask for an appeal to use a local provider. We had to do this for speech therapy for one of our children. The process was long and slow, but we did get approval to use a local therapist.

Overall Assurant is a very good insurance plan. There is still, however, considerable expense when it is used. I recently took my youngest child to the doctor with an upper respiratory infection and paid $140 out-of-pocket to cover physician co-pay and medication co-pays for three medications. Combined with the $300 premium we had already paid and the co-pays other medications that month we spent almost $600 on medical costs for that month. When we compare this plan and our out-of-pocket expenses to the monthly premiums of the other plans offered, we have found this Assurant plan to be the most economical for our family.

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